Generating leads from LinkedIn (+emails)

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LinkedIn is a powerful source of information for anyone looking for prospects, leads, and talents. The process is often the same: Search for the people with specific characteristics, then check their companies, get their contact information, add them into your CRM, and send them an email. With Creative 3’s LinkedIn Lead Generation Workflow, prospecting and generating actionable leads from LinkedIn can be done inĀ one single place.

Creative 3’s LinkedIn Lead Generation Workflow will take any LinkedIn Search URL and browse each resulting profile as well as their current company’s. This will result in a big .csv file that you can read with Excel or Google Sheets. Better yet, you can import it straight to your CRM.

How to generate leads on LinkedIn with this automation?

Provide your LinkedIn Logins
Specify the LinkedIn searches you want to turn into actionable leads.
Let us work and get you actionable leads
Download your leads (with email) to a .CSV spreadsheet or .JSON file.


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