You really should audit your site – Don’t leave it up to someone else to tell you it is okay.

Just like your car outside needs to go in for its MOT (good luck getting one booked), the health of your website can let you down over time without a proper service.

Unfortunately, many designers will wait until the figurative wheels come flying off before realising some proactive work may be in order.

Again, much like that car out the front door – identifying and sorting problems with your website early saves the drama we see every year that happens down the road, like lost traffic, sales and your SEO dropping off.

Audits are hateful, but Important

Trust us, we’ve seen a lot of websites made terribly, we get sobbing business owners come meet with us and we discover that there was a ton of things they could have done (mostly free) that would have saved them a lot of heartache.

So, the purpose of a audit is to give you a complete and detailed look at your sites health, performance and speed.

Sorting and checking in on these areas will give you a bigger picture of the current state of your site, show where you may be able to further optimise and improve your site – and identify issues that could be causing damage to your site’s health.

So, back to them 5 big reasons…

1. Your Users Can’t Navigate Your site

2. Your site has old code, pages and clunky

3. Your site is getting a hammering from Search Engines

4. It just takes too Long To Load


Returning to the vehicle story, if a warning light comes on your dashboard, the mechanic inside you rightly does some googling, you finds out the meaning of the warning light and then successfully understand the issues, but you’d still take it to a trained mechanic to fix, right? Tell me we’re right?

So, whilst there are some online audits that free for the most part and give a reasonably accurate high-level insight of your website’s performance – they are generic and won’t have the 25+ years of web design and business know-how that we’re packing.

You’re still here – so do you need a hand?

A good website is oxygen to your business, but it takes effort and expert guidance to be effective. If you think it’s time for your sites MOT, or you’ve noticed a big drop in traffic and rankings – we can help, we understand that no two site audits are the same and won’t faff about with stuff you don’t need and that we don’t want to do either!